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Yep.  Summer is almost here.  It is now the end of May and things are beginning to warm up.  It has been a rather cool and wet May but finally the trees are green and the grass is growing faster than the squirrels run from our lab on her walks.  We spent the Memorial Day weekend at our RV in Sublette Illinois and had a very relaxing albeit a busy weekend.   We were there for 5 days and only one - Saturday - was a rainy day.

Having a long quiet weekend was high on our wish list but it just wasn't about to happen.  On Friday morning my wife's mother passed away and that started all the emotions rushing to the surface.   Needless to say this event set the tone for the remainder of the weekend.  Since my brother-in-law was taking care of all of her mothers needs he made the final arrangements and our presence wasn't "necessary".

We remained at the RV because the ceremony on Memorial Day was an annual event that has come to mean a lot to my wife.   The closing playing of Taps brings tears to both of us but it really causes my wife to cry.  It was her dads favorite memory of his military service to hear Taps at the close of the day.  Back to the weekend story.  She wasn't about to miss the Memorial Day ceremony.

Then on to cleaning up our little RV lot after a winter that always leaves things in disarray.  Branches down, leaves and other rubbish, the cleaning of the Shed which had been made a home by the mice, and the initial mowing of the grass kept us busy.   Those damn rodents can eat through most anything and there is always caulking to do to cover the latest entry point.  Next fall we will put out mouse baits to see if we can control it a bit better.

The spiritually moving Memorial Service which included the changing of the Flags, a 21 Gun Salute by the members from the local 'Amvets' chapter and the playing of Taps made for a very memorable day.  I wish all of you could some day be part of such a simple but moving ceremony.

Our sympathies go out to those being affected by the spring floods in the Texas and other regions as the rains are really battering that area of the country.  You are  in our thoughts and prayers.  I hope the presence of Gods blessings keep you strong and cheerful as you rebuild your lives.

So here we go into Summer.   And as the song says - 'The living is easy....'  (for some of us).   Keep your neighbors in your prayers.  God Bless You ALL.

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