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It is the first Monday of Spring 2016.  It has been an odd spring this year with 50 degree temps in February and 20 degree nights in mid to late March the weather is all over the place.   I have prepped my snow blowers (yep I have two) for their summer stowage.  I found a new 4 cycle fuel the does not contain any ethanol and is supposed to remain stable for over two years.   It is expensive but works well.  I put a quart in each tank and we will see how it works this year.  I will let you know when I get them ready for next winter.  Of course without any idea of what is to happen with the weather but I am hopping the cold is over for the year. 

As for the weather this spring - It is weird!   Yesterday a high of 61 and tomorrow a high of 38.  It is a wild ride and will be for another week or two.  We are just holding on for May when it should stabilize and enter into a warming period.  We are getting real tired of the chill even though it is much warmer than last March.

As those of you who follow this blog know, we have an RV at Woodhaven Lakes Recreation Facility in Sublette, IL and we are getting restless to begin our summer ritual of spending time at our RV.   I really enjoy the mornings when the air is crisp and the sound of woodpeckers and owls are filling the air with their signature sounds.   With each passing weekend I become more anxious about visiting Woodhaven Lakes.    Just think about it - no Comcast, no AT&T Uverse, no land line telephones, and miles and miles of roads without a stoplight.  We are still close to civilization when we want it. 

We do enjoy plenty of walking and the peaceful quiet of the woods except for the holiday weekends.  On holiday weekends the place is swamped with families out to enjoy their little bit of the outdoors.  The facility management is rigidly entrenched and unless you are from the Naperville area their meetings are not convenient.   This is why the views of the few hold sway over the facility as a whole  They think they are 'protecting' us just as other totalitarian bodies often do.  This is price owners have decided is the price we pay to enjoy the facilities as a whole. 

I hope you will decide to take a weekend and come visit Woodhaven Lakes.  They do have facilities for prospective purchasers so give them a call and set up a visit.  At just over 2 hours from the majority of the Chicago area the drive is tolerable.

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