Joomla! Developer - Pearl Harbor Day Salute!

Today is December 7th - a day we should all remember. 

It is the day of the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese that sealed our involvement in WWII.  It took us awhile to get back in gear after the attack but once we did enter the war we didn't hold back or worry about what others might think.  In fact we made sure others were convinced that we were the best and the worst in the art of waging war on our enemies.  They were either with us or against us and there was no middle ground. 

During the war we lost over 400,000 lives (almost 10 times that of VietNam) of our most courageous men and women in a struggle that would last 5 years.  We as a nation were united in the cause of 'Winning' the war.  It brought us together - all of us in a common cause to 'Win' the war.  We shared a national will and spirit that was awe inspiring and led us to one of our brightest victories. A nation united can not be defeated. 

So as we observe this December 7th I ask - Are we united in a common cause or divided into many groups each with its own purpose and cause.  Do our differences divide us or can we overcome them to unite as 'One Nation' and strive together to be great again.  I sincerely hope that we haven't let our differences divide us because a nation divided can not stand.  To be really united requires that our leaders stop the stupid bickering and work for the betterment of 'ALL' the people - not just their constituents.  Quite a few have lost site of America and have given their efforts and concentration over to maintaining power regardless of the damage it does to our nation as a whole.  These kind of shortsightedness is not limited to politicians.  It affects just about every organization that 'begs' for Federal funding to sustain there purpose.

Here is a bit of 'Common Sense' - We hear a lot of talk about immigrants these days.  I say we should concentrate on taking care of the homeless here before we give benefits to immigrants.  Then once we solve the homeless problem, we can turn to helping immigrants.  This makes sense to me.

I better stop before I get myself in trouble - you never know who is out there and how they may react to these 'Inflammatory Remarks'.  Pray for America.

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