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2017 began without incident and all was well.  Then in early January my bride suffered a major hip displacement.  I came home and found her on the floor in great pain.  The paramedics took her to the ER and they were able to reduce the displacement.  Her orthopedic doctor was surprised because she had a locking ring that should have both prevented the displacement and the ease of which it was reduced.  The verdict after further exam's was that the mechanism had broken and was no longer protecting her hip. 

This was the 2nd hip she had replaced by Dr. Richard A. Mannion, a very well respected orthopedic doctor.  After his review he recommend that we seek out the doctor that taught him and also that a University setting would be a better setting to correctly put in a 3rd hip.  This doctor was Dr. William Hopkinson at Loyola Hospital.  We made the appointment and the new surgery was set for February 1st, 2017.   She had the surgery and was sent to re-hab on Feb 5th.  On February 7th this hip dislocated and she was taken by ambulance back to Loyola ER.  She was in intense pain and there was no fast fix.

She was screaming with intense pain and was kept heavily sedated while the surgical team decided the best course of action.  Then on the 8th of February we were told of the extent of her injury.  The socket that supported the new hip joint ripped through her pelvis rendering it unable to support a new socket.   It took a full day for the team to locate a 'cage' that when inserted into her pelvis would stable enough to support a new socket to hold the hip in place.  So on February 9th the surgery was performed to fix the cage in place and give her a new hip.  This was a 6 hr surgery but at least when it was done she was in less pain.

On February 10th she regained consciousness and on the 13th she was transferred back to the nursing home.  Things started progressing slowly and we settled into a routine at the nursing home.  In late February she went back to Loyola with a temperature and pain in her hip and leg.  She was told that she had an infection and that another surgery would be required to clean out the infection in her hip and leg.  At that time she was so against having another surgery that she refused and opted for IV therapy back at the nursing home. 

She started having the IV based antibiotics twice a day.but the temperature did not respond as hoped.  After three weeks on the IV antibiotics therapy the nursing home had her re-admitted to Loyola and she had the clean out procedure.  The surgery took place during the third week of March and the IV Therapy continued.  After the surgery she  had drop foot on the surgery side and spent 10 days in the hospital. Then she returned to the nursing home. The nursing home continued the two IV's a day of antibiotics and restarted her physical therapy in an attempt to help with the drop foot.

She remained in the nursing home until mid June.  The drop foot issue did not improve and she was fitted with a special brace to help support her foot when she was walking.  She needed a walker to walk and was in pain with or without the foot brace.  We did perform home IV therapy twice a day for 9 weeks.  In August she was put on oral antibiotics and she seemed to respond better and this continued until late October.  The drop foot after weeks and weeks of physical therapy did not show any improvement.

It is now April 1, 2018 and her problems continue. The doctors say that nerve regeneration is very slow and progresses at about a centimeter a month.  We continue to pray and hope for improvement.  We have very few options and we do what we can to give her some comfort.

Thank you for reading this story.


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