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FrogWelcome2My first site blog item.   In starting this blog it is hard to know where to begin.  I want to present thoughts and experiences that have served me well over the last 20 + years so I will begin with my experiences that brought me to where I am today.

My exposure to the programming field began when I was in training for submarine duty at the US Naval Submarine School in lovely Groton, Ct.   I turned 21 during my stay in Groton.   The school was 8 weeks long and we learned about a special purpose computer used to assist in helping the subs navigator in safely navigating the boat (subs are boats not ships) with out the aid of external references.

Following Groton, I was sent to Dam Neck, Va. for a Central Navigation Computer (CNC) shool.  This school was 54 weeks in duration and we learned the Univac CP1100 series computer that was the central nervous system to the navigation center on the boat.  It communicated with the Ships Internal Navigation System (SINS) to get and compute the boats position from movements detected by the SINS systems.  The SINS were large sale gyros that detected any external movement and relayed the movements detected to the CNC. 

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As I move forward one thing is more prominent than others and that is that learning never stops.   The rules of web site building and Search Engine Optimization are continuing to evolve in the effort to produce a continually improving level of relevancy of search results.   For a long time the buzz was keywords and the tools that allow analysis of just how effective those keywords were in driving traffic to a site.  The words are still important but the results and tracking has become a level of magnitude more difficult.  

Google is the most widely used tool to evaluate the effectiveness of keyword search campaigns but now that they are encrypting all search traffic they have managed to obscure the tracking of individual keywords.  It requires special tactics to gain the knowledge of just which keywords are effective and which ones need to be improved.   If a specific web page is pointed to a single or small group of keywords then you can get the stats on the URL that calls that page and thereby get a glimpse at the effectiveness of a specific keyword or phrase.  There may be other ways but this is yet to be discovered by me.   If you have some better insight please comment on this blog entry.

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I recently had the pleasure of shopping at  Walmart and the experience left me wondering how they manage to stay in business.   Understand that this is not the first time I have shopped at Walmart but I hope it will be my last.

We went in looking for a flatware tray and didn't find what we were looking for and saw that they were putting out fresh bananas and selected 3 that looked good and went to check out.   This store has 24 check out lines and only 2 were staffed.  There were 30+ people waiting to check out and one of the staff closed the checkout line he was in leaving only a single checkout line in operation.

There were 4 self checkout positions and a single attendant overseeing them.  People in them were having difficulty.  One man couldn't figure out how to pay for an avocado, one couldn't get his credit card to work, one was trying to purchase a bottle of wine, and one was busy talking on her phone and wrestling with two kids.

The line wasn't moving.   The attendant had to visit every person at every station or they simply wouldn't work.  The poor lady purchasing a bottle of wine - the attendant had to come to her station three times and of course in between the three visits she had to try to assuage the three other stations.   And the man wanting to purchase a gift card stood there waiting for help for over 5 minutes just to be told he couldn't purchase a gift card at the self-checkout.  Of course there were no signs stating this or any other restrictions on the self-checkout stations.  I guess we are just supposed to know these things.

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