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    As I move forward one thing is more prominent than others and that is that learning never stops.   The rules of web site building and Search Engine Optimization are continuing to evolve in the effort to produce a continually improving level of relevancy of search results.   For a long time the buzz was keywords and the tools that allow analysis of just how effective those keywords were in driving traffic to a site.  The words are still important but the results and tracking has become a level of magnitude more difficult.  

    Google is the most widely used tool to evaluate the effectiveness of keyword search campaigns but now that they are encrypting all search traffic they have managed to obscure the tracking of individual keywords.  It requires special tactics to gain the knowledge of just which keywords are effective and which ones need to be improved.   If a specific web page is pointed to a single or small group of keywords then you can get the stats on the URL that calls that page and thereby get a glimpse at the effectiveness of a specific keyword or phrase.  There may be other ways but this is yet to be discovered by me.   If you have some better insight please comment on this blog entry.


    I recently had the pleasure of shopping at  Walmart and the experience left me wondering how they manage to stay in business.   Understand that this is not the first time I have shopped at Walmart but I hope it will be my last.

    We went in looking for a flatware tray and didn't find what we were looking for and saw that they were putting out fresh bananas and selected 3 that looked good and went to check out.   This store has 24 check out lines and only 2 were staffed.  There were 30+ people waiting to check out and one of the staff closed the checkout line he was in leaving only a single checkout line in operation.

    There were 4 self checkout positions and a single attendant overseeing them.  People in them were having difficulty.  One man couldn't figure out how to pay for an avocado, one couldn't get his credit card to work, one was trying to purchase a bottle of wine, and one was busy talking on her phone and wrestling with two kids.

    The line wasn't moving.   The attendant had to visit every person at every station or they simply wouldn't work.  The poor lady purchasing a bottle of wine - the attendant had to come to her station three times and of course in between the three visits she had to try to assuage the three other stations.   And the man wanting to purchase a gift card stood there waiting for help for over 5 minutes just to be told he couldn't purchase a gift card at the self-checkout.  Of course there were no signs stating this or any other restrictions on the self-checkout stations.  I guess we are just supposed to know these things.

  • newyear2014I wish you a happy new year and a very safe, joyous and profitable 2014. It has been a very wild 2013 with changes in just about every arena of our lives. New job situations, new responsibilities, new opportunities and new friends.   Whew!  What a ride.

    My most sincere wish is that you and your family are safe, warm and happy throughout 2014. 

    May tragedy pass over your house and allow you to welcome in 2015 happier and healthier than you welcome in 2014.

    Happy New Year - 2014!

  • For many of us the daily routine continues without even a thought about all we have and enjoy on a daily basis.  My world changed suddenly and it will be a couple of months till things are 'back to normal'.   First the background -
    I like many of you are trying to launch a small web design business and it takes a lot of my spare time to create refinements on my site and maintaining the few sites I enjoy managing.  In many ways I run on automatic taking care of my job, my wife and my small business.
    We enjoy a RV in a recreation facility in Sublette, IL.   The facility is named Woodhaven Lakes and is about a two hour drive from home.  We enjoy the rustic feel of the grounds and treasure our time spent in the old oaks and pines on the grounds.   Because we both work full time we have to schedule vacations to try to get the most time on site as possible.  The major holidays we like to work around are Memorial Day, the 4th of July and Labor day.   We had made plans to spend a full 5 days there over the labor day weekend and my wife was truly excited about the adventure.

  •  siteground logo 250

    Siteground is a fantastic host.  I have used several hosting companies for business and personal sites and although I am not an expert I really like Siteground.  You should give them a try and see for yourself.  I highly recommend Siteground and hope you will click on this Siteground link to check them out for yourself. 

    Siteground is a Proven Host.


    Siteground has been proven many times over and provides economical and superior hosting.  This is a solid combination of features and as a bonus their service is also top notch.  They just recently completed opening a new hosting site in the Chicago area.  The migration of existing sites to the Chicago center was accomplished with out incident. A very smooth and pain free migration.  I am very impressed with their service and support.  I always get an answer to any question within an hour or so and the answers are always on point and correct.

    Hosting Accounts starting at just $3.95 a month.

  • I have been quite busy and haven't created a blog entry in a while so I will try to catch up with this one.  

    Please don't be offended by this title.  I am a Christian and celebrate Christmas with my family and friends.  I hope you are able to celebrate your religion with your family and friends.  This is a special time of year and in keeping with the spirit of the season I wish everyone peace and happiness now and throughout 2015.

    Was 2014 a good year for you?   For me and my family yes it was.   No one is sick, no one is in danger of losing their job, and no one is without a warm place to live.  We had a great Thanksgiving with 10 family members sharing the feast prepared by my wonderful wife.  She is most definitely in her element when in the kitchen and derives great joy in preparing such nice meals for the family.  Even the dog enjoys her cooking as she gets some of the left overs and of course the droppings.

  • The Mission of Catalyst Schools

    CatalystSchoolsSiteImageWe believe every child possesses inherent value and potential regardless of background educational level or life circumstances. We create agents of change in society by showing profound respect for students, and by joining with their families and communities to foster each scholar’s growth.

    Catalyst graduates will be young men and women of character and class who recognize their own value, who are academically, socially, and emotionally prepared to succeed in private, charter, or selective enrollment high schools and who envision college graduation as part of their development in life.

    I assisted in the correct application of CSS to fix their messed up home page and other page layouts throughout the site.

    Site Link:


  • 'Everiholder' is a provider of innovative housewares

    EveryHolder ScreenEveriholder provides several unique areas of household items that are for 'EVRI day and EVRI season'.  Their product line covers virtually every area of housewares covering kids to adults, every room of the house and every task you perform.  Whether you are looking for the common or the unique give Evriholder a try.

    I assisted in the maintenance and updates to this site by adding menu items and an embedded video player.

    Site Link:

  • servicespeaks net image

    Service Speaks is dedicated to educating all levels of service staff stressing the importance of an 'Attitude of Service' in dealings with clients, customers, fellow staff members, employees, family members, and all of our acquaintances.

    It really makes a positive difference when a customer is treated with a positive service plus approach and attitude.  They will remember the service much more than any other aspect of our interaction.

    So the company name - Service Speaks! tells the story.

    The link is: 



    Ssqthink imageQWrite is dedicated to assisting all ages become better communicators  concentrating on sound educational techniques and standards.''

    I became involved with this site when it was a Joomla 1.5 site and successfully migrated it to Joomla 2.5.

    Please give it a glimpse.

    The link is:



    This site iscnw screenrunning Joomla! 3 and is using a T3 Bootstrap template.  It is fully responsive and the client is very pleased.   

    Lions Clubs perform service in their communities providing vision, hearing and other services to assist those in need.  There are over 45,000 Lions Clubs and 1.4 Million Lions around the world.

    The link is:

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