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Picture of Fall Road

I can't believe how fast this summer went by.  Just yesterday was the 4th of July and summer was in full swing.  Now everyone is getting prepared for the cold that will surely be here in December, January and February. Brr!

Do you remember wearing several layers of clothes just to take the dog for a walk?  Well I can't forget the procedure to get dressed for the outdoors.  Just yesterday we were at the store and my wife was getting items to decorate the house for fall and the celebration of Halloween followed by Thanksgiving.  I actually enjoy these two events but Halloween is by far my favorite.  I  would be happy if Halloween was followed by Valentines day since it is the harbinger of spring and signals the ending of winter.

There is what seems like forever between Halloween and Valentines day when the days get shorter and shorter until late December when we begin to see the sunshine catch-up with the darkness and the grey skies of a Chicago winter fade into sunshine.  I think we all rejoice when we get those first days of 50 degree temperatures and the sun begins to feel warm on bare skin.  It is interesting to note that 50 degree days in the fall are cold and the same temperature days in the spring are warm. 

The seasons change and we are powerless to alter the passing of time. All we can do is accept the inevitability of winter and get ready for it.  Hopefully we will be prepared for the change so when it happens we can continue our lives and meet our responsibilities.  The change can happen swiftly. 

The Farmers Almanac is predicting that this coming winter will be very cold.  I pray that you and your families will be safe and warm throughout the Winter of 2016-2017.

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