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  • Merry Christmas 2014

    I have been quite busy and haven't created a blog entry in a while so I will try to catch up with this one.  

    Please don't be offended by this title.  I am a Christian and celebrate Christmas with my family and friends.  I hope you are able to celebrate your religion with your family and friends.  This is a special time of year and in keeping with the spirit of the season I wish everyone peace and happiness now and throughout 2015.

    Was 2014 a good year for you?   For me and my family yes it was.   No one is sick, no one is in danger of losing their job, and no one is without a warm place to live.  We had a great Thanksgiving with 10 family members sharing the feast prepared by my wonderful wife.  She is most definitely in her element when in the kitchen and derives great joy in preparing such nice meals for the family.  Even the dog enjoys her cooking as she gets some of the left overs and of course the droppings.

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