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  • 2016 - A Year of Challenges

    Well here we are in 2016.   What are your hopes for the year?  Do you have any specific goals? 

    I have some very specific and some not so specific hopes for 2016.  My specific hopes surrond the political situation we find ourselves in as this is an election year.   Are you going to vote?   If you are then that is great and I am proud to be associated with those who choose to be a part of the process regardless of to which party they choose.  

    However, I am concerned about those who fail to vote and express opinions such as:

    • The process and the people are all corrupt!
    • It doesn't mater who I vote for the game is fixed!
    • Both parties do the same stuff so whats the difference.
    • No one has the fortitude to stand up against those who pervert the system.
  • Superbowl 2016

    We are waiting for the game to start early this evening and listening to the banter on the TV in the background while we take care of other matters.   I would enjoy it better if the game was on around mid-day or mid-afternoon.   With a 5:30 CST start time it is getting close to dinner time and I prefer not to be drinking and eating chips with salsa or guacamole so late in the day.  Oh well, these things are beyond my control and I will just have to adjust and take some antacids when I can remember to do so.  Enjoy the event!

    How are you celebrating the Superbowl Sunday this year?  It would be nice to hear from some of you so we can share notes.   Leave a comment and see what happens.

    When walking the dog earlier today I heard the familiar squawk of geese and I thought to myself that early spring may be right around the corner.  After all, the annual migration of geese do herald the change of seasons and we are really looking forward to warmer times.  Come on Spring! 

  • Spring 2016

    Spring 2016 Intro Image

    It is the first Monday of Spring 2016.  It has been an odd spring this year with 50 degree temps in February and 20 degree nights in mid to late March the weather is all over the place.   I have prepped my snow blowers (yep I have two) for their summer stowage.  I found a new 4 cycle fuel the does not contain any ethanol and is supposed to remain stable for over two years.   It is expensive but works well.  I put a quart in each tank and we will see how it works this year.  I will let you know when I get them ready for next winter.  Of course without any idea of what is to happen with the weather but I am hopping the cold is over for the year. 

  • Woodhaven Lakes - 2016 Update

    Woodhaven Lakes Picture #1

    We just made our first visit to Woodhaven Lakes located near Sublette, IL and wanted to update you on the recovery efforts from last summers damage from a tornado that happened on June 22nd, 2015.  Today is April 27th 2016 and the park has made major progress in the clean up efforts over the 9 months since the tornado.  

    The mountain of wood chips is nearly gone and I estimate that a dozen or two truckloads remain.  I believe that the target was to get things 'back to normal' by June 1st 2016 and great process has been made in the efforts to meet this objective.   Owners were given 1 year to clean up their lots of the down trees and other rubbish left from the tornado.   Most of them have done so but there still remains some who made the decision to 'walk away' or abandon their lots.  Most if not all of these were owners that did not have insurance and found themselves having to foot the bill to comply with the associations 1 year time limit on their own.  My experience leaves me to estimate that it may be less expensive to start over rather than to remove the debris.

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