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  • Happy New Year 2015

     Wow! It is now 2015.  Can you believe it!   

    I just wanted to take a minute and wish all of you a Happy and Healthy 2015.   I am looking forward to big changes this year as my business continues to grow.  We are getting ready to embark on a more professional marketing campaign and you will see some changes very soon so check back often.    Do you have any big ideas for 2015?   I would really like to hear about your ideas, dreams, wishes and goals for 2015.  (To leave a comment click on the article title above and a comment section will appear below the article. )

    I know we are looking forward to spring when things will again turn green and we can go outside with out dressing like a lumberjack just to keep warm.  I do enjoy hockey and that is the one great thing about winter as far as I am concerned.   I grew up in southern California and even though we didn't have snow, I am sure if I had been here in Chicago you would have found me on a sledding hill from dawn till night.  

    Please enjoy your winter and share in my expectation of a beautiful spring!

  • Winter 2015

    We have been very lucky so far this winter.   Here it is the end of January and we are anticipating our first real snowfall on Jan. 31st.   So we can say welcome to February with a fresh coating of snow.

    In case you are wondering why so little snow so far it is because I purchased a new more powerful snow blower.   And as it usually happens that creates the aura of no or little need for it in the short term.  Perhaps now the situation will change and I can finally use my new snow blower for what is is intended.  Actually, I am looking forward to see how it performs.

  • Spring - At Last!

    Well, the weather is starting to turn from the cold dreary days of winter to the brighter and stormier days of early spring.  It is amazing how quickly the seasons change once they decide to get with the program.  Summer is just around the corner.

    Along with spring come the holiday's and I want to wish all of you a happy Pasech on April 3rd and Easter on April 5th.  I sincerely hope you get to spend some time with your loved ones on these special days.

    Do you have special plans for the spring? 

    I am really looking forward to the weather getting warmer so we can go to our little RV and spend some time under the standing oaks that cover our lot.  The RV is a small (12 x30 ft.) unit with one bedroom and of course indoor plumbing.  We really enjoy the peaceful quiet mornings.   If you get up early enough you can hear owl's hooting, wood peckers hammering away and of course you can enjoy the smell of clean air. 

  • TerraNet Intranet


    Terranet was a  site migration project from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 3.4.1.  Terra Universal, a manufacturer of critical environmental solutions, clean-room tools and supplies, uses the Terranet intranet as a means to provide information, specifications, and procedures to their entire staff.  It is a central depository of articles relating to every department in the organization.  This was an interesting project and provided some interesting challenges to overcome.  The choice of a Joomla 3 template was a major part of the conversion.  The client settled on a RocketTheme's template and now enjoys a fully responsive web site.  This is an intranet site and is not accessible to the general public.  The below link is to the companies main website.

     Find Information on Terra Universal here:

  • Summer is almost here!

    Yep.  Summer is almost here.  It is now the end of May and things are beginning to warm up.  It has been a rather cool and wet May but finally the trees are green and the grass is growing faster than the squirrels run from our lab on her walks.  We spent the Memorial Day weekend at our RV in Sublette Illinois and had a very relaxing albeit a busy weekend.   We were there for 5 days and only one - Saturday - was a rainy day.

    Having a long quiet weekend was high on our wish list but it just wasn't about to happen.  On Friday morning my wife's mother passed away and that started all the emotions rushing to the surface.   Needless to say this event set the tone for the remainder of the weekend.  Since my brother-in-law was taking care of all of her mothers needs he made the final arrangements and our presence wasn't "necessary".

  • Tragedy at Woodhaven Lakes....

    When writing these entries I try to be light hearted and keep to subjects that emote happiness and pleasure from my readers.  But recently there have been some severe storms in Illinois that have caused my family some initial distress and then after finding out that we were unharmed, relief for us but sorrow for our neighbors and the residents of Woodhaven Lakes in Sublette Illinois who have suffered mightly from the EF-1 tornado that moved through the south and south west corner of the recreational park.

    Woodhaven Lakes is almost 1,700 acres consisting of around 6,000 privately owned lots for RV or camping usage.   The park is or was heavily covered with trees mostly oak and pine and for those in the northern half the trees still remain.  But in the southern half most of the trees are either down or stipped bare of their leaves and branches as a result of natures furry that was unleased the evening of June 22nd, 2015.  I am unable to really asses or confirm the extent of the damage due to what appears to be a communication blackout from the park but I don't know if this is intentional or simply a matter of the web site being overwhelmed by the over 4,000 owners trying desperately to get information. 

  • The high cost of not updating your site....

    This is a recent article from the Joomla! magazine that briefly describes one developers experience in supporting a site on an old version of Joomla!  Please understand that this situation is avoidable and is not typical of every old Joomla! site on the web.   But it does point out that the result of getting further and further "behind the curve" can be severe.

    To read the article click here

  • Woodhaven Lakes - part 2

    We went to Woodhaven Lakes over the 4th of July weekend to check out the property.   While our lot and RV were just fine many others weren't so fortunate.  There were areas of the park where access was still highly restricted.  But after viewing the areas we could it became clear that the damage was simply devastating.  Thank God that no one was seriously hurt.

    The park set up a staging area behind Woody's market where a semi-trailer sized shredder was located to shred the debris into a mountain of chips.  We sat and watched the short bed dump trucks roll in one after another hauling debris from the south west sections of the park.  We estimate 100 - 150 truck loads a day were being hauled into the shredding area where they were loaded into the shredder and converted into chips.   The cleanup event was started on or about the 25th of June and we were watching this on the 5th of July.  So it had been going on for 10 days and there are still area's of the park that are closed except to those who have lots in them.  I would be surprised if they finish this debris removal by the end of July.

  • Community Health Systems Development


    This site is used by Georgia State University to assist in managing and reporting on the various grants awarded by many governmental and educational institutions.   Grant administrators and supervisors use this site to enter grant details, contact information and other information as requested by the grant issuer.  Manages and records activity to monitor and stay in contact with both issuers and recipients of specific grants. (Not publicly accessible)

  • Woodhaven Lakes - part 3

     It is now August 24th, 2015 and the cleanup efforts are still underway at Woodhaven Lakes near Sublette, IL.  The EF1 tornado hit on Monday June 22nd and nearly destroyed the south west corner of the recreational facility.   Many families lost their RV's and or campsites and all of there posessions during the event.  It is amazing that it has been two months since the tornado and clean up is still continuing.

    We all thank God that it happened on a Monday when there was a much lower level of attendance than is witnessed on the weekend and no lives were lost.   It could have been much worse. 

    Some of those who have decided to stay and rebuild their recreational lifestyles are by now well towards the realization of their goals.  But some have not been so fortunate and were wiped out to a point that is not recoverable.  These people may decide to leave Woodhaven Lakes and just let the Association take possession of their lots and the effort to clean them up.  Right now no one knows for sure what efforts will be brought to bear by the Association in this matter but it currently appears that they are not too compassionate towards those who decide to just walk away.

  • And the seasons continue....

    Well, we had to close the trailer as is necessary around the first of October.  If we were able to properly winterize it ourselves, we could keep it open till late October but the companies that provide winterizing will not guarantee that they will get it done before the first freeze if you wait past the first weekend of October to have the winterizing done by them.  There are a lot of park models and very few providers of winterizing services.   So our visits there are now done for the year.

    I got a 2nd monitor for my desktop at home and had to re-organize the office to accommodate  the expanded desktop space necessary.  After a day and a half the wife and I have finished the movement of furniture and I am working with two 23" monitors.  It is very nice when I can have both the source and the live view up on screens at the same time.  No more switching between browser windows for me.  It is an improvement and I am lucky to find the space necessary.  If you haven't tried to use two monitors I highly recommend that you jump in.  You will never go back.  It is important to get the monitors together and to verify that they both display colors correctly.  Not all systems are dual monitor capable but a new video card is all that it would take to upgrade your system to allow two monitors.

  • As the holidays rush towards us..

    It is now November 12, 2015.  The day after Veterans Day.  Vetrans Day for me is a special day when I can say thanks to those you helped make America what it is today.  I pray for all Veterans, those that are with us and those that are no longer, that they and their families are well and that they never loose the hope for a better world and a better America.  If you are a Veteran than I salute you and say thanks.

    Daylight Savings time has ended for the year and now I am back on Central Standard Time.  It gets dark at 5PM and it will take a bit to get used to that but I am coping.  The temperatures are turning colder, the leaves are falling and the house is a buzz with preparations for Thanksgiving.  We are blessed to have a family spanning two nationalities and three colors.  We are all healthy and my wife is expecting her first great grandson in early December.  So we have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to celebrate.  So I invite you to also celebrate your family and be thankful for what you have this holiday season.

  • Pearl Harbor Day Salute!

    Today is December 7th - a day we should all remember. 

    It is the day of the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese that sealed our involvement in WWII.  It took us awhile to get back in gear after the attack but once we did enter the war we didn't hold back or worry about what others might think.  In fact we made sure others were convinced that we were the best and the worst in the art of waging war on our enemies.  They were either with us or against us and there was no middle ground. 

    During the war we lost over 400,000 lives (almost 10 times that of VietNam) of our most courageous men and women in a struggle that would last 5 years.  We as a nation were united in the cause of 'Winning' the war.  It brought us together - all of us in a common cause to 'Win' the war.  We shared a national will and spirit that was awe inspiring and led us to one of our brightest victories. A nation united can not be defeated. 

  • Jitse van der Meer

    JitseVanDerMeerThis site was migrated from Joomla 2.5 to Joomla 3.4.7.  It was a great project and Jitse was really nice to work with.  

    He is highly educated and respected in his field and has been presenting since the late 1970's.  Reading his accomplishments is a worthwhile project and can indeed inspire you to achieve all you can. 

    I highly recommend that you take the time to give this site a look.

  • Power Play Workouts

    Power Play Workouts Web Page
    A company specializing in Workouts and the Nutrition to support positive results. The two principals are sincerley interested in helping you achieve your goals. You should give them a shout and plan on a great experience.

    Please visit their site @

  • A Yearly Prayer

    The week of Christmas 2015 is here. 

    What are your goals for this time of year?  Mine are simple.  I want to clear up any unfinished tasks that I can and then just shut down until after Christmas.  I want to enjoy the time with my family and more importantly I want them to enjoy their time with me.

    It is infinitely more important that the children, at all levels, see me as a wonderful role model and allow some of my values transfer to them albeit sub-conscientiously.  As I get older it has become more important than ever to put forth a genuine effort to show the positive qualities to my grand children.  After all I am their only grand father and if I don't no one will. 

    I hope you will join me in this goal.  Be the best you can be and show your positive self to those you love.  Reach out to the young ones and realize that they will be young for a very short while.  It is at this precious time that you can touch them and have a chance to mold them to be their absolute best at all things throughout their life.  They will remember your kindness and soft touch.  Please be at your best and calmest - Enjoy your family.

    So if I come to mind during your quiet times please utter a small prayer for a grand father that wants to be at his absolute best at this time of year and always when enjoying his grand children.  It is the last chance for him to really make contact with another life that could go on for generations.  Thanks!

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